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Water for Bois-de-Lance

Bois-de-Lance, located in about 150 km driving distance of Port-Au-Prince, the capital city of the Republic of Haiti, is a tiny community in Pichon, the 6th communal section of Belle-Anse, a commune in the Southeast department. Its lack of road and mountainous terrain requires a four wheel truck to get there. Joblessness rates in Haiti are around 40% and it is no different in Bois-de-Lance, even though some of the inhabitants grow beans, corn and most of them are retailers and practice breeding. This leaves families with hard decisions to make when determining how to afford basic needs like food, water, and their children’s education. At the end of 2013 the Haiti Water Project by NCM has implemented the water project which is providing water (two water points) to the Bois-de-Lance community. This is done by connecting the pipe to the main pipe feeding by the spring capping in the mountain of Cascade Pichon. Before Haiti Water Project was able to implement the water project in Bois-de-Lance, residents had a lot of difficulties such as: They used to get water from a spring for laundry, cooking, etc. Nearby people used to openly defecate; For drinking, they used to get water from a water point located in about twenty minutes walking distance. But the problem was, after work when they get back home tired, late in the afternoon and there is no water, because of the distance they unfortunately spent the night out of water, which is difficult for them. Students, instead of doing homework, spend some of their time to walk to get water. There where cholera cases in Bois-de-Lance. Now the water project is a great advantage for many reasons: Now people are able to walk just...

Andrénies story

My name is Andrénie Louis. I live in Nazon, a small community in Delmas, a commune in the west department of Haiti. I am retailer, I have five children; but the fifth died in the earthquake in 2012. At this time, my family and I hadn’t accepted Jesus as our Savior yet. On Tuesday January 12, 2012, in the afternoon, I was getting everything ready for cooking and …….suddenly at 16:53 local time the house started shaking……in a flash the house collapsed on one of my children and me. My child died. I lost everything. After that I had a lot of pain. I wept every day, I felt hopeless and lonely. I spent many days wearing the same clothes. Because I faced too many difficulties, sometimes I asked myself why God kept me alive and I became hypertensive. My family and I moved to the property of the Nazarene church of Nazon, Central district, and lived in shelters for three months. There we found Christian people, the pastor and his wife. They were like counselors for us. Also, they really helped us with basins, water, soaps, towels, toothbrushes, combs, carpets, etc. That showed us how they are sharing their heart with us. This is the reason why I have been personally attracted not only to how they helped us with supplies from NCM, but also to their fellowship. That brought relief to my family and me. We spent more than one year experiencing the Christian lifestyle. Even after three months when we moved to a tent (built with carpet that they gave me) near to the church property, they kept counseling me, helping me with supplies time to time. That made us aware that they really made...
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