Christmas People Project

merry-christmas-haiti-waterThe Christmas People Project ’09 is here!

12 days / 1200 people

That’s the goal. Let me explain: The HWP Facebook Cause is a great way for new people to learn about the water crisis in Haiti and then to get involved by raising awareness or funds to provide clean water.

So over the next 12 days–finishing up on Christmas Day–we are encouraging everyone to commit to getting 5 friends to join the cause. Not just invite 5 people, but keep inviting until 5 friends have joined. And if you are not yet a part of the Facebook cause, look to the right. You will see a button that says, “Join us on Facebook.” Click it and be a part of the movement!

Two easy ways to keep spreading the word: make the Haiti Water Project the featured cause on your profile and make your profile picture the image with the cup of dirty Christmas water. You can find that on the wall of the cause page.

We started the Project at 5649 members, so, 5649 + 1200 = 6849. Our goal is 6,849 members on Christmas Day. That’s 6,849 people who care about bringing about the day when instead of less than half of Haiti having access to clean water–everyone will. That’s a beautiful gift.

Let’s give clean water.

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