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lacul_drinkNew social media opportunities for organizations and people looking to make a change for good are everywhere. The Haiti Water Project decided a couple of years ago to embrace Facebook and apparently the feeling is mutual. The HWP Facebook cause now has over 5000 members and growing every day and on August 21, 2009, the 5000th dollar was donated. This provided enough funds to sponsor a new well in Haiti.

The well sits in Lacul de Leógane, Haiti. This small village is just outside of Port-au-Prince on the site of a church and school. I got to visit the well in October and was thrilled to see children lined up to pump fresh, clean water from the well as opposed to their previous options of buying small baggies of water on the street or going without (which is more common). The little girl above was hesitant to take a drink when she saw my camera, but then she smiled shyly and gulped down the entire glass. It’s an incredibly humbling feeling to see a child enjoy a cup of clean water when you know that recently she could not. And right now there are millions more around the world who are sick in bed because of contaminates in their water or are simply thirsty. We get upset because the hot water heater went out or the Brita filter broke.

But the HWP cause on Facebook is giving people around the globe the opportunity to change this. I recently asked some people who have donated why they thought the cause was worthy of their hard-earned cash.

Andrea Flack said simply, “People should know that they have clean water. Water is not a luxury, it’s a life source and every person should have access to that.”

Juniaty Wijaya put it this way, “We rarely think of our water as a blessing because it is so easy to get. In Haiti, your donation is a gift that gives life to many. Many children don’t have to walk miles, many siblings can play more often, many people are healthier with your kindness.”

And Daniel Burt explained his perspective, “Every year, we are encouraged to ‘live simply so that others may simply live.’”

Pretty simple answers, but then again so is the solution.

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