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Learning about the global water situation and Haiti’s specific needs is the first step to getting involved. Check out our resources and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information. Here are some other helpful resources to check out:

World Water Day

Partners In Health

World Water Council

Water and Sanitation Program

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

Haiti Reconstruction Fund


Learn about the water situation happening in Haiti and globally. Help us spread awareness through word of mouth and social media.

Join the Haiti Water Project cause on Facebook, for new and updates.

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Our Haiti Water Project team is constantly working to implement trainings, drill wells, build latrines, and distribute Bio-sand filters. Help us keep providing clean and safe water solutions to vulnerable communities. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Individuals can donate towards the cost of a well, or groups can go in together to provide a well. The estimated cost to dig a well is $6,000? Instead of asking for gifts for your birthday or Christmas, ask for donations for Haiti Water Project.
  • Give Up Your Bottles. The U.S. spent almost 12 billion (yes, billion) dollars on bottled water in 2016. That’s enough money to supply clean water for all of the 783 million people in the world who don’t have access to safe water. Give the money you would normally spend on bottled water in a month to Haiti Water Project so people in Haiti can have clean water.
  • Host, Organize, and Engage Your Community. Host a benefit [fill in the blank], organize a fundraiser, or showcase your talents (and/or those of your friends) and use the proceeds to partner with Haiti Water Project. Hold a concert, writer’s night, 5K race, or photography exhibit—be creative with what you have a passion for.



Pray for children who are sick with water-borne diseases.

Pray for the children and adults  walking hours everyday to retrieve water for their families.

Pray that God would provide resources for churches in Haiti to meet the needs around them.

Pray for the government as they work to build infrastructure throughout the country.

Pray for the people in Haiti.

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