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Raise awareness. This postcard contains basic information about the need for water in Haiti and the work of HWP to provide resources to meet those needs.


Water Bottle Label

Cover the manufacturer’s label on water bottles with this label, then sell them to friends and raise funds so more people in Haiti will also have access to safe drinking water.


Imprint our logo on bottles, folders, magnets, jackets, or whatever else you think of–just be sure to email us a picture when you’re done!



Post this on a bulletin board or refrigerator as a reminder that water is essential to life and we have an opportunity to ensure our brothers and sisters have access to this basic human right.



Inform others about needs in Haiti and one simple solution to improving health, promoting education and overcoming poverty: access to clean water.



Sell or pass out coasters so members of your church are reminded to pray that God will provide access to clean water for all families in Haiti.

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