How long does the process take?

Once we receive donations, church leaders in Haiti determine which churches have the most immediate needs. From there we visit the area of that church and conduct a baseline study. The results of this study will give us insight into the specific needs in the community so that we can decide exactly where and how many wells to drill, latrines to build and Bio-sandfilters to distribute. The next step is to carry out a Hygiene and Sanitation training to all community leaders who will then be able to teach their community members. After this we make a contract with an engineering organization in Haiti who drills wells for us. The entire process can take anywhere from several weeks to six months depending on the need of the communities and availability of project partners.


  1. I am interested in digging a well in Tiroli Haiti near the Dominican Republic border city of Restauracion. How much does it typically cost and how many people will it service?

    • Dear Johnson,

      Thank you for your interest in drilling a well in Tiroli.

      A well can serve about 1,000 people. About the cost, it’s difficult for us to tell you how much since we didn’t hire well companies to drill there. Hopefully the cost will be much more expensive than the average cost, $6,000 US, in west department.

      Because of the condition of the road linking the West to Southeast department, it’s difficult for the Haitian well companies to take machine drilling to Southeast going by Thiotte. The key is to contact Dominican well companies, some of them used to drill in that area. Unfortunately, we don’t have any contact to give you.

      Let us know if you need something else we could help with!

      Piard Alcegaire, HWP team.


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