Kids Raise $12,000 for Clean Water in Haiti

A group of children in Northwest Ohio heard about the lack of clean water in Haiti and decided that they could do something about it. So for a year they talked about the problem and they raised money to help with a solution. In the end, these kids collected more than $12,000 for the Haiti Water Project by selling bottles of clean water and giving their own money at Vacation Bible School.

“We’ve never had a project as successful as this,” says Kristi Payne, who coordinated this project with 60 different Nazarene churches in her northwest district. “It’s so easy to get so overwhelmed with all the problems in the world, but there was something about this — I knew it’s what we needed to do.”

The kids involved learned about the lack of clean water in Haiti through photos and videos. They learned that it’s usually children who have to walk miles a day just to get a little water for their families. They learned that many kids have to walk for water instead of going to school. And they learned that something as simple as clean water can change a community.

“I think the kids related to it,” Payne says. “They drink water, and they could put themselves in the place of the kids in Haiti.”

The money that they raised will go to fund clean-water resources that will allow local churches in Haiti to offer clean water to the people in their communities.

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