Six Wells Completed in Lagonave


The island of La Gonâve is the largest Island of Haiti. It is located in the West department, 59 km of Port-Au-Prince, the principal city of the Republic of Haiti. Its lack of roads, dry area, mountainous terrain, and required boat ride from the mainland make this island one of the most difficult areas of Haiti to drill for water.

One of the first wells completed in Lagonave was Palma (August 2010). In 2011, HWP completed five successful wells providing good water to these communities: Abricot, La Palmiste, Mon-Repos, Nan-Cafe , and Terre-Seche. Because they are now able to walk just a few minutes away to get water from the well at the church, Haiti Water Project, Pastors, Christians, Students, Merchants and people in these communities couldn’t be more excited!

A few Pastors and people have expressed their joy in saying:

Water is life.  The water well brings life to people in these communities.

In the past, because of difficulties to get water within walking distance, pupils and Christians arrive late at school and church. Now they arrive on time at school and church because they are able to walk just a few minutes to get water.

The well prevents people in the community quarreling for water.

Cholera can happen through drinking contaminated water. Now people have the possibility to get good drinking water from the well.

Finally, Pastors have said, “Christian people, pupils and people in the communities cannot find words to thank God, donors and well drillers for these precious wells. They are the greatest gift to us because in the past, we have had a lot of difficulties to get water. Now, we find good water within walking distance. Only Jesus can reward them for these wells.”


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