St-Michel is a community in Miragoâne, a coastal town in western Haïti, in Nippes Department.

Eight years before Haiti Water Project (HWP) installed the hand-pump, people in St-Michel had a lot of difficulties getting water from the hand dug well. Now more than 600 families and 950 students at the Nazarene church’s school are very happy to get water from the well. The hand-pump makes it easy.

The Pastor of the church, students and people in this community expressed their joy, “We thank God and donors for the well. It is a response to the cholera outbreak in this community. We just get water from the well and then purify it with aquatab. People now have access to drinking water.”

Check out Flickr for more photos from St-Michel.


  1. do you have any news from this site? following the hurricane?

    • Dear Vicky,
      Thanks God, this church was not affected by the hurricante. Now we have information that the church has two producing wells plus a cistern.


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