Three New Wells

This, friends, is why we do what we do. We’re excited to show you what happens when people come together to care. Because you gave generously, the Haiti Water Project has recently completed three new wells near Jacmel, Haiti, on the southern coast.

Women and children were walking one hour each way to get a little water in Marigot, Haiti. Last year’s hurricanes had destroyed a water system that pulled water from a spring to a spot near the community. But now everyone in Marigot can walk a few minutes to a local church to find clean water from a well — a better source than what they had before.

The town of Cayes Jacmel has also been without access to clean water for a long time, but now there’s a well within easy walking distance. For a while we thought we might not be able to pull this one off because there wasn’t a road that allowed a drill rig to get to a good spot for a well – so the church built a new road!

And last but not least, the tiny community of Monchile just outside Jacmel has clean water.

More wells are being drilled in areas around Gonaives (one of the areas hit hardest by and still trying to recover from last year’s hurricanes) and St. Marc, so look for more photos and updates soon.

Clean water seems like such a small thing, something that’s easy to take for granted. But for our friends in Haiti who’ve been living without it, it’s a huge, life-changing gift. Thanks for being part of that change.

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